A Message From Paragon Testing Enterprises:

We understand English-language testing is an important part of your journey to permanent residency, citizenship, and study in Canada.

As a result of COVID-19 precautions, we have halted a significant volume of testing. Please see below for an update on necessary suspension of testing in Canada and the US, current testing availability in other markets, and our commitment to supporting you during these difficult times with additional free online instruction and reduced study material prices.

Please know that we are also working to ensure that once COVID-19 precautions have been lifted, you will be able to resume your testing schedule.

Test Sitting Availability

To find out which test centres are currently offering CAEL CE Test sittings, please click below.

COVID-19 Testing Procedures

Paragon is committed to protecting the health and safety of our test takers, employees, and test centre personnel.
In areas where testing does become available during COVID-19, additional health & safety measures will be put into place. This may include:

1. Physical Distancing measures will be in place during SET UP and CHECK-IN
2. Physical Distancing measures with reduced number of test takers and staff per sitting
3. Additional sanitary measures for wiping down the test lab and equipment
4. Requirement to wear personal masks for all test sittings on and after May 12, 2020 (will be required to remove during ID verification)

Transferring Your Test Sitting

In order to accomodate test takers affected by precautionary COVID-19 test centre closures, you can now transfer your test sittings in your account:

1. Sign in to your CAEL Account
2. Under the heading "Upcoming test" click "Actions" and then click "Transfer to a different sitting." You will then be able to transfer your test to your preferred date, time, and location.
3. Follow all prompted steps and click "Place Order" to complete the transfer.

COVID-19 Recommendations from the Government of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a number of helpful recommendations to help you prepare appropriately for COVID-19. Click below to read the recommendations in full.

Free Study and Preparation Materials

We offer a variety of free online preparation materials for test takers that are not able to attend preparation programs, or who wish to continue to prepare for CAEL CE independently.

Register for an Online Course

Online Course
With over 10 hours of free online courses, offered live and as YouTube...

Review Study Tips

Study Tips
Our CAEL CE experts have put together helpful study tips to help you c...

Take the Free Sample Test

Sample Test
Take a free sample test to help you understand what to expect on each ...

Register for the Pretest

CAEL CE Pretest
CAEL CE Pretest gives you the opportunity to practice taking listenin...



CAEL CE Test Availability By Region

Please sign up for email notifications in your region in order to be the first to know about re-openings in your area. You can do this by signing up on the banner at the top of our website on your city landing page. Searching for your testing region or city here


Locations OPEN starting from the testing weekend of May 15-17

Test Location Test Registration
Canada – British Columbia Check Availability
China – Hong Kong

Check Availability


Locations CLOSED for the testing weekend of May 15-17

Test Location Regional Closures Tentative Re-opening Date






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Alberta: May 22

Saskatchewan: Sept 12

Manitoba: May 23

Ontario: June 2

Quebec: July 1

New Brunswick: June 1

Nova Scotia: June 1

Yukon: June 6




New York




California: June 7

Illinois: August 3

New York: June 5

Texas: June 13

Virginia: June 7

Washington: June 6



New Delhi

Chandigarh: June 6

New Delhi: June 5



Manila: June 5



Dubai: June 5



Beijing: July 11
July 11
July 11



Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and our response to the pandemic:

I appreciated the availability of test dates for CAEL CE, and found it convenient and inexpensive compared to other English proficiency tests.
- Aashima, CAEL CE - Test Taker
What I liked most about the CAEL CE was that you can do the test on the computer, it uses Canadian English, and the results are released quickly!
- Alinsson, CAEL CE - Test Taker
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