August 13, 2020

What to Expect on Test Day

At a CAEL Test Centre

In this post, we will cover what you can expect when you take CAEL at one of our test centres. We hope that familiarizing yourself with the test day procedures will help you to better prepare for your test, and feel comfortable with your testing experience.

Before Your Test

  • Before arriving at your test centre, we recommend double-checking the centre’s address, and ensuring that you have enough time to arrive in time for check-in.
    • We suggest arriving 45 minutes before your test time
    • Your test centre’s location, as well as your test time, are all contained in your test confirmation email, which you will receive after registering for your test online. Please bring a digital or printed copy of your test confirmation email with you
  • In addition to your test confirmation email, you will need to bring the original, valid, and un-expired identification that you used to register for your test.
  • Before your test begins, we recommend using the washroom. Once you begin your CAEL test, you will not be able to pause the exam to use the washroom.
  • Please review the list of prohibited materials before you come to the test centre. Prohibited materials in the test room include cellphones, food or drink, preparation materials, pens or pencils, watches, bulky jewelry, coats, and more. For personal items, we will provide secure storage during the test. View a complete list of prohibited materials here.

In the Test Centre

  1. Once you have been checked-in by the test centre staff, you will receive your personalized note paper, and will be escorted to your workstation.
  2. At your workstation, you will log in to your test using the personal identification number printed at the top of your note paper.
  3. You can now adjust the volume of your headset, and when prompted, test your microphone.
    • If you have any issues with your workstation during your test, simply raise your hand and an invigilator will assist you
  4. Once you have been seated and made sure your headset is functioning, the invigilators will prompt you to input the start code for your test, provided on your note paper.

During the Test

  1. At no point during your test should you speak to other test takers, or look at another test takers screen or notepaper.
  2. If you require more note paper, or to use the washroom, raise your hand to speak with an invigilator. Invigilators cannot answer any questions about the content of your test.
  3. When completing your speaking tasks, please speak softly to avoid disturbing other test takers.
    • A monitor on screen will show your microphone level during these tasks, so you can be certain your responses are recorded
    • If you would like a pair of earplugs during your test, raise your hand and an invigilator can provide these for you
  4. Once you have completed your test, raise your hand to let an invigilator know. Your notepaper will be collected, and you will be escorted to collect your belongings outside of the testing room.

After the Test

  1. If you experienced any issues during your test that you feel may affect your score, please let a test centre staff member know. You will be provided with a contact card to report your issue.
  2. Your scores will be available in your CAEL account 8 business days after your test sitting. You can order additional score reports, or priority shipping for an extra charge through your CAEL account.


  • Familiarizing yourself with the test day procedures can help you feel more relaxed during your test sitting.
  • We have created a video walk-through of a CAEL sitting at a test centre on our YouTube channel.
  • Remember to get a good night’s rest before your test sitting!
I appreciated the availability of test dates for CAEL, and found it convenient and inexpensive compared to other English proficiency tests.
- Aashima, CAEL - Test Taker
What I liked most about the CAEL was that you can do the test on the computer, it uses Canadian English, and the results are released quickly!
- Alinsson, CAEL - Test Taker