CAEL CE (Computer Edition) will be continuing while CAEL (Paper Edition) will be retiring as of August 31, 2018. Read more.

Test Day Procedures

  1. Read and review the CAEL Assessment (Paper Edition) format ahead of time.
  2. Once your test admission ticket is available, sign in to your CAEL Account to review the dates and times of both your Written Assessment and your Oral Language Test (OLT).
  3. Test takers must have a print copy of their test admission ticket and the original, valid photo identification listed on the test admission ticket. Test takers without the requested identification will not be allowed to take the test and will not receive a refund or transfer.
  4. Test takers should arrive at least 15 MINUTES before the test start time. Late entry is not permitted and absences due to late arrival will NOT be credited with another registration.
  5. Test takers are allowed to bring their test admission ticket, photo identification, pen, pencil, and eraser into the test room. Please do not bring valuables on test day, as neither the CAEL office nor the test centre is liable for lost or stolen items.
  6. Test taker identification will be verified at the registration check-in desk upon entering the test room and throughout the test.
  7. Test takers who need assistance during the test should raise their hand to alert the test centre personnel. Test takers may not communicate with each other or leave their seat without being escorted.


  • Your registration is only complete once you have received a test admission ticket. Your test admission ticket will be available 2 to 3 business days after your request for registration is submitted.
  • The sequence of test day procedures may vary between test centres.
  • Multiple identification checks will be performed throughout the test.
  • Clothing that interferes with sound quality during the speaking test must be removed.
  • Please report any issues that occur during your test to the test centre personnel immediately or to the CAEL office within 2 business days of your test. No corrective action will be taken for problems that are reported more than 2 business days after the test sitting or if scores have been released.
  • Test takers are asked to minimize their use of perfumes, aftershaves, colognes, and other scented products on test day because they may affect other people in the test room.
  • Test takers who need a special accommodation must make a request to the CAEL office at least 2 months before the test day. No special accommodations can be made without pre-approval by the CAEL office. This includes accessibility equipment, beverages, and snacks in the test room. To request special accommodations, please fill out the Special Accommodations Request Form.
  • To report a test security issue, please visit our Test Security page.

Test Day Rules

Washroom Breaks

Test takers are encouraged to use the washroom before entering the test room. The CAEL Assessment is timed and will not pause for any reason. Test takers who wish to use the washroom during the test should raise their hand so that test centre personnel can escort them, and must sign out as they leave the test room and sign in upon return.

Prohibited Behaviour

Test takers may be removed from the test room for the following reasons:

  • Removing, or attempting to remove, test materials from the test room
  • Behaving in a disruptive, violent, or aggressive manner
  • Attempting to communicate in any way with another test taker
  • Cheating in any way, including the use of prohibited materials
  • Eating or drinking
  • Consuming any form of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs

Prohibited Materials

The following items are not allowed in the test room:

  • Cellphones, mobile devices, or any electronic devices
  • Fitness tracking devices
  • Watches of any kind, including smartwatches
  • Test preparation materials and study notes
  • Dictionaries
  • Large, bulky jewellery
  • Heavy coats, jackets, or sweaters
  • Clothing accessories, such as hats, hoods, scarves, gloves, etc., unless worn for religious or medical purposes
  • Dangerous or illegal materials

The proper authorities will be notified if test takers are found in possession of dangerous or illegal materials.