The CAEL Preparation Program has been designed to prepare students for the CAEL Test and includes four modules. Each module contains more than 25 hours of classroom content, for a total of 100 hours for the entire program. Every module focuses on a specific test—starting with the CAEL Sample Test in Module 1, and working through CAEL Practice Tests 1–3 in the subsequent modules.

This licensed program includes exclusive materials and instructor’s guides for each module, intended as the basis for your CAEL classes. Lesson plans, online media files, and recommended homework assignments are all included. The homework sections of the lesson plans often reference specific worksheets in the CAEL Skills Workbook, though this book is not strictly necessary for this program. Click here for a quick summary video.

Instructor Materials

Instructor’s Guide Module 1 Instructor’s Guide Module 2 Instructor’s Guide Module 3 Instructor’s Guide Module 4
25 hours 25 hours 25 hours 25 hours

+ online resources


+ online resources


+ online resources


+ online resources

Student Materials

CAEL Sample Test (free) CAEL Practice Test 1 CAEL Practice Test 2 CAEL Practice Test 3
Recommended Materials Supplementary Materials 

 CAEL Skills Workbook

Academic Vocabulary Builder


CAEL CE: An Overview

Each CAEL Preparation Centre determines the fees of their CAEL Preparation Program and registers their students accordingly. However, each CAEL Preparation Centre may choose whether or not to include the recommended program materials in their program structure and fees.

To support instructors who will be delivering the CAEL Preparation Program, an online instructor training course taught by a CAEL expert will be offered. The training features insights into each test component, an explanation of the performance standards, and tips for teaching test preparation. Click here to view the course syllabus.

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Find out what the guidelines are to operate a test preparation program for Paragon’s CAEL Test.



  • John is an online instructor and content developer at Paragon. He has been a teacher and test preparation instructor for over 20 years in Asia and Canada. John's teaching experiences have given him a well-rounded perspective on language teaching, learning, and assessment practices around the world. In addition to a CELTA, John holds a BA in Sociology, an MA in Applied Linguistics, and is working toward his PhD in Language and Literacy Education.

    John Haggerty
    John Haggerty
  • Chris Koelbleitner is Manager of the Instructional Products and Programs Unit at Paragon Testing Enterprises. Chris has over 17 years of experience as a TESL/TEFL professional in Canada and Japan. Chris has extensive, first-hand knowledge of the CELPIP Test, and has worked in rater training, scores management, as well as instructional design. He holds a BA (English); MA (English) and a CELTA.

    Chris Koelbleitner
    Chris Koelbleitner