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As a valued member of our Preparation Provider Network, you will receive exclusive discounts on a variety of study materials for your students. These materials are being offered to our partners at a deeply discounted rate compared to their print cost. These study materials include the following:
CAEL CE Practice Test Bundle
This bundle contains CAEL CE (Computer Edition) Practice Tests 1, 2, 3, and 4 to help you get ready for the test. It is an essential part of a class preparation program. This is a ...
Academic Vocabulary Builder
Academic Vocabulary Builder is a self-directed online study program designed to boost your academic word power. It can also be an excellent supplement to a classroom preparation pr...
CAEL Accelerate
CAEL Accelerate is a self-directed online study program with over 40 instructional videos, numerous interactive quizzes, and a variety of language use activities that will help you...

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Instructional products may not be shared by students.  Each student must access his or her study products via his or her own CAEL account.  New students will require new products purchased for them.

Digital products have a 3-month subscription period. These cannot be extended.

These products are for use by the teachers and students in your organization and cannot be sold to other parties.

No more than 50 vouchers per product may be purchased within a three-month period. Please contact us if the number of students enrolled in your preparation program exceeds these limits.

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I appreciated the availability of test dates for CAEL, and found it convenient and inexpensive compared to other English proficiency tests.
- Aashima, CAEL - Test Taker
What I liked most about the CAEL was that you can do the test on the computer, it uses Canadian English, and the results are released quickly!
- Alinsson, CAEL - Test Taker