Paragon Testing Enterprises is pleased to announce that an improved version of CAEL is now available to test takers in Canada who are seeking admission to Canadian universities and colleges. We are calling this fully computerized version of the test CAEL CE where CE stands for Computer Edition. CAEL CE is now available across Canada, and will soon be available at select international locations.

Key Features of CAEL CE

CAEL CE is computer delivered and includes a number of improvements over the paper based CAEL. Many key features in CAEL CE stay the same:

Integrated and Topic-Based Test
CAEL CE is an integrated and topic-based test. Test takers are asked to combine more than one skill in the test on unified topics, such as writing an essay based on what they read and listened to.

Represents Language Use in an Academic Context
The test includes activities that students engage in during their Canadian post-secondary studies. The topics and tasks in the test are taken from first-year university courses.

Individual Scores for Each Language Component Plus an Overall Score
CAEL CE test takers continue to receive individual English proficiency scores for the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking components, as well as an overall score that post-secondary institutions can use in evaluating applications for admission.

Canadian Accents
To best reflect the variety of English accents that test takers will encounter while studying in Canada, CAEL CE incorporates Canadian accents in the Listening and Speaking components of the test.

Test Taker Responses Scored by Expertly Trained Human Raters
Speaking and Writing responses continue to be rated by Paragon’s trained human raters, using the scoring criteria relevant to standards applied in Canadian academic contexts.

Improvements to CAEL CE

Improvements to the Test Content of CAEL CE

Variety of New Topics
In response to test taker requests, CAEL CE test takers are presented with two primary topics and two secondary topics. This reduces any potential effect of topic familiarity and increases the fairness and quality of the final scores.

New Supporting Academic Activities
CAEL CE continues to focus on learning-oriented language use such as listening to lectures and writing essays. However, the improved test includes activities such as meeting with an academic advisor.

Integrated Speaking Component
The Speaking component is integrated into CAEL CE, just like the Writing component. Test takers use the information from the Listening and Reading components and are asked to speak about what they have learned.

Modified Overall Score
The test continues to report separate scores for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking components, as well as an overall score on a scale from 10 to 90. However, the overall score is calculated as an equally weighted average of the four component scores rounded to the nearest ten-point interval. Paragon Testing Enterprises has conducted a research study showing test takers and end users of CAEL CE how the overall scores correspond with the overall scores of IELTS – Academic.

Improvements to the Test Delivery of CAEL CE

A Fully Computer-Delivered Test
All components (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) of CAEL CE are fully administered by computer, using Paragon’s extensive experience with computer-assisted test delivery. The use of computers reflects the Canadian academic contexts, and it also increases the security of the test, especially in terms of fraud prevention and detection.

A Scores and Identity Verification System
CAEL CE includes a Scores and Identity Verification System that allows a test taker’s CAEL CE scores and identity to be verified. Several forms of identification are collected during the CAEL CE check-in procedure and test delivery such as electronic signatures, digital photos, and voice prints.

Single Test Sitting Period
Test takers take CAEL CE in one single test sitting. The total test time is about 3.5 hours.

A New Testing Platform
CAEL CE runs on a newly developed testing platform created by Paragon. This platform was designed to improve the testing experience, test security, and score reporting and verification.


  • "CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is self explanatory, and is very user friendly. In the writing component, it helps that there is a word count feature. There is also no stress about handwriting being awkward or having to scribble over spelling mistakes. CAEL CE is the way to go forward because it's how the current education system works and the way communication is handled in the professional world. CAEL CE hits right at the mark!"

    Sukhbir, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70
  • "What I like most about CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is the ease of understanding and navigating the test. Also, you can complete all components (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) at one time in about 3 hours."

    Martin, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to University of Alberta, Overall Score: 90
  • "CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is a very well-designed English test. When preparing for the test, I went through the CAEL CE Practice Test which showed me exactly what the official test would be like!"

    Ravinder, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70
  • "What I liked most about CAEL CE is that it is a Canadian based English test and uses Canadian accents. It will help me get into my dream school at McGill University in which I can pursue my studies in International Relations. I would recommend CAEL CE for anyone because it is efficient, and not overly complicated or hard. It was simple and direct!"

    Jenny, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to McGill University, Overall Score: 80
  • "What I liked most about CAEL CE was that you can do the test on the computer, it uses Canadian English, and the results are released quickly!"

    Alinsson, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to Algonquin College, Overall Score: 70
  • "I would recommend CAEL CE (Computer Edition) because, compared to other academic English tests, it's the same quality but at a cheaper price!"

    Shu-Yi, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to BCIT, Overall Score: 70
  • "The CAEL CE Online Courses were a great opportunity to prepare for CAEL CE, and paired with the CAEL CE Pretest, provided thorough preparation for my test. I also found that completing all of the test components in one location at one time was very convenient."

    Xuan, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70