Accessing your Scores

Results of CAEL CE (Computer Edition) are available online in 8 business days after the scheduled test date.

You will receive an email notification once the results are available. Test results can be accessed in your CAEL Account.

CAEL Score Reports

CAEL Score Report SampleYour test scores can be sent to five institutions at no cost. Please provide institution details when registering online, or up to 4 days before your test date.

If you need to request additional score reports after your test date, they can be ordered through your CAEL Account at a cost of $20.00 each.

Official score reports will only be mailed to academic and professional institutions.

CAEL Band Descriptors

Test takers receive individual English proficiency scores for the Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking components, as well as an overall score. CAEL scores are reported on a scale from 10 – 90 with accompanying descriptors of what performance represents. The overall score will now be calculated as an equally weighted average of the four component scores rounded to the nearest ten-point interval. The table below presents descriptions of test taker proficiency at each full band level.

Overall Performance Band Score Descriptors for CAEL CE

80‑90 Expert: Demonstrates a high level of competence, accuracy, and effectiveness in academic/professional settings
70 Adept: Uses generally accurate language in most settings; some limitations in flexibility are evident
60 Advanced: Displays competence in academic or professional settings
50 High Intermediate: Exhibits some competence in academic or professional settings; communication may break down in places
40 Intermediate: Demonstrates some ability to comprehend and articulate complex ideas and arguments typical of academic or professional settings
30 High Beginner: Expresses basic ideas about familiar topics in routine settings
10‑20 Low Beginner: Communicates with limited ability

For a more detailed review of CAEL score interpretation, please see the CAEL Reporting Scale (PDF).


  • "CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is self explanatory, and is very user friendly. In the writing component, it helps that there is a word count feature. There is also no stress about handwriting being awkward or having to scribble over spelling mistakes. CAEL CE is the way to go forward because it's how the current education system works and the way communication is handled in the professional world. CAEL CE hits right at the mark!"

    Sukhbir, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70
  • "What I like most about CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is the ease of understanding and navigating the test. Also, you can complete all components (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) at one time in about 3 hours."

    Martin, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to University of Alberta, Overall Score: 90
  • "CAEL CE (Computer Edition) is a very well-designed English test. When preparing for the test, I went through the CAEL CE Practice Test which showed me exactly what the official test would be like!"

    Ravinder, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70
  • "What I liked most about CAEL CE is that it is a Canadian based English test and uses Canadian accents. It will help me get into my dream school at McGill University in which I can pursue my studies in International Relations. I would recommend CAEL CE for anyone because it is efficient, and not overly complicated or hard. It was simple and direct!"

    Jenny, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to McGill University, Overall Score: 80
  • "What I liked most about CAEL CE was that you can do the test on the computer, it uses Canadian English, and the results are released quickly!"

    Alinsson, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to Algonquin College, Overall Score: 70
  • "I would recommend CAEL CE (Computer Edition) because, compared to other academic English tests, it's the same quality but at a cheaper price!"

    Shu-Yi, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to BCIT, Overall Score: 70
  • "The CAEL CE Online Courses were a great opportunity to prepare for CAEL CE, and paired with the CAEL CE Pretest, provided thorough preparation for my test. I also found that completing all of the test components in one location at one time was very convenient."

    Xuan, CAEL CE Test TakerApplicant to ICCRC, Overall Score: 70