CAEL CE Network

Supporting your clients and students to ensure their success at Canadian colleges and universities.

What is the CAEL CE?

CAEL CE is the leading academic English proficiency test for study in Canada that is accepted by all major English-language Canadian institutions. Find out more at

Computer-Delivered Test

Done in just one sitting and

includes features such as a

personal timer & word counter

Acceptance Across Canada

Accepted by over 180 Canadian

universities and colleges, including

all of the English U15 institutions

Quick Online Results

Available online in 3-8 business days, sent to 5 institutions at no extra cost

Accessible Study Materials

Free sample tests, videos, online information sessions, preparation courses, and webinars

What is the CAEL Network?

For individuals and organizations looking for partnership benefits, Paragon is introducing the CAEL CE Network. This program will provide you with incentives for following business practices that align with Paragon values.

Trusted & Convenient

Client registrations can be made

directly through the agent

account dashboard

Leveraging Branding

Members can co-brand their materials with our logos, as well as with our exclusive Network Member badges

8% Referral Commission

Members can access our referral program, which provides materials to collect referral commission from test registrations

CAEL Network Benefits

Recognition as “CAEL/CELPIP Network - *level* Member”

Access to Paragon Branding/Marketing Materials

Test-Taker Registration and Affiliate Privileges with Commission

Free Accelerate Codes

Listing on Paragon Website







**Available benefits for preparation providers only

Feature Section/Page

Ongoing Instructor Training**

Bulk discount on IPP Materials**

Discount on one live test with score per instructor**







Application Process

In order to ensure all submissions are reviewed in a fair and timely manner, the following process has been created

to apply for the Network Program:

  • Fill out the application form located at the bottom of this page
  • Provide information requested paying close attention to contact details

Paragon works closely with organizations around the world to ensure that our partners are of the highest quality, and are able to maintain test taker and stakeholder trust in our tests. Prior to joining the Network Program, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide a professional website and email address (no gmail or yahoo accounts will be accepted)
  • Provide relevant accreditation, professional designations, or membership in professional associations (such as RCIC, ICCRC, AIRC, ICEF, etc.)
  • Maintain a record clear of breaches from Paragon Test Security

Admission Criteria

To maintain consistently high levels of engagement with our partners, Paragon will work with you on an annual basis to ensure the program is working for all parties involved. This annual membership review includes:

  • Adherence to Branding Guidelines
  • Customer Service Satisfaction survey from Paragon
  • Sustained flow of referrals/registered test takers from approved agent affiliate links

Membership Review

CAEL Network Application Form

Fill out these fields as part of your application so that we are able to create a robust profile for your organization. Every field is required for us to complete your application.

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