Why Choose CAEL?

A Canadian Test

CAEL is developed in Canada by Canadians. It was originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Janna Fox, one of Canada’s top experts in language assessment and testing, and her colleagues at Carleton University. The test quickly developed a reputation within the academic community as one of the best tests for identifying students with the English skills necessary for academic success in Canada. In June 2015 the test was acquired by Paragon, and in 2017, CAEL was upgraded to become a completely computer-delivered test, known as CAEL CE (Computer Edition).

A Trusted Test

CAEL CE is currently accepted by over 170 Canadian academic institutions, and by a number of international academic institutions.  Several professional associations also recognize CAEL as part of their accreditation process. See a list of institutions that accept CAEL CE.

Led by Canada’s Leading English Language Testing Organization

Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of The University of British Columbia, acquired CAEL in June 2015. Paragon has become Canada’s leading English language testing organization and is committed to developing tests that meet the highest quality standards in the field. Paragon’s success is evident in the development of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP), which is one of two tests designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent resident status in Canada and Canadian citizenship.

CAEL is Valid and Reliable

CAEL is administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of The University of British Columbia. Paragon is committed to developing tests that meet the highest quality standards in the field.

Paragon’s Test Research and Development unit is responsible for designing, developing, and conducting research on the company’s tests of English language proficiency and other content areas as they emerge. In support of the company’s overall mission, the Test R & D unit’s mission is to develop and produce innovative, valid, fair, accurate, and high quality assessments through collaboration among the unit’s members and with its many stakeholders. 

Paragon is dedicated to sharing the results of research on its English language testing program with those who use its tests. See our latest CAEL research.

CAEL is Secure

Paragon is committed to providing a highly secure testing environment. It is of great importance to the integrity of CAEL. We ensure that our test content is protected, our test takers’ identities are verified, and our test centre staff members are trained to follow all policies and procedures.

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  • "One of CAEL’s most attractive features is its academic focus. That is, CAEL results provide a reliable indicator of the potential for academic success because its test focus is application rather than ascertaining the student’s knowledge of language structure. We chose CAEL after careful examination of other well-known assessment tools and were impressed with its ease of administration and the technical support provided."

    Barbara Benson
    Barbara BensonUniversity of Windsor
  • "We have consistently found the test to be a much more accurate instrument for predicting academic success than the other tests available. We plan on continuing to use CAEL as long as it is available."

    Louis Buchanan
    Louis BuchananRyerson University
  • "We chose CAEL because it contains, and expects students to produce (in writing & speech), the actual academic language of the university community. This validity was crucial in our decision."

    Robert Berman
    Robert BermanUniversity of Alberta