CAEL Assessment Practice Test

Topic: Deforestation
Total time allowed for the test: 2 hours
Teachers should tell their students (test takers) to:

1. Use the Question Booklet (PDF)173k for the Reading Section and the Listening Section of the test. Read the questions before you read the articles.
2. Read the two articles in the Reading Booklet (PDF)95k on the topic of Deforestation. Use the information to answer the questions on Reading 1 and Reading 2 in the Question Booklet. (Note: Use Reading 1 to answer the questions for Reading 1; use Reading 2 to answer the questions for Reading 2.)
3. Read the questions for the Listening Section in the Question Booklet before you begin the lecture. (Note: The lecture is played only once in the test so be sure to practice writing while you listen.)
4. Use the information from the Reading Section and the Listening Section to write your essay in the Writing Booklet.(PDF)73k (Note: The essay prompt is given to you at the beginning of the test so that you can think about the issues while you read the articles and listen to the lecture. When you write your essay, you must take a position and support your answers with information from the readings and the lecture.)
5. When you have completed the practice test, use the Answer Key (PDF)161k to check your answers.

Files in .doc format
Question Booklet.doc (49k)
Reading Booklet.doc (41k)

Writing Booklet.doc (58k)
Answer Key.doc (38K)

Listening Sound Files
Deforestation (2.25M)

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